Thank You, Mr Lee


Today, is the day we all mourn and say our last goodbyes to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

And coincidently, it is now raining. Many would think, even heavens is weeping for the loss of such a great man. At least, that is what I first associated the sudden big rain with.

I had contributed my tribute to the official online site, Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew, yesterday. It pretty much sums up the running of thoughts in my head the days after the news of Mr Lee passing away.

Here it goes:

I am born in the 80s (1983) and am currently blessed with a little girl, at 2 years old.

Usually I am not one who is really too involved in the ‘politics’ of Singapore and can be quite ignorant in this sense. I only knew you were someone who played a big part in molding Singapore to what she is today, but I never really given it much thought/attention all along until now. My parents would always tell me that the younger generation nowadays do not value what we have (are enjoying) now, and that we only know how to ‘complain’ (be uncontented/never satisfied), still (despite what we are having now). And yes indeed, I am guilty of not being able to truly appreciate what I have now in such a way as the older generation do, people of your era/generation, the pioneer generation, who actually went through the transition phase of Singapore along with you, who went through the chaos and insecurity stage of Singapore.

The media has shared much about you, your life, your values, and your love story with us these days. I start to realize you have actually played that huge and impactful part to building up Singapore to what she is today, a successful, clean, safe and comfortable place to live in, where we all call as ‘home’. When I was born, I am already “enjoying life”, as what many older folks would claim of us in comparison of what they had gone through. And my girl also is able to be living a comfortable life now.

All because of you. Your contributions. Your determination. Your hard work. Your time. Your passion. Your love for Singapore, for us, the people.

And now as I think about what I have, I truly appreciate and feel grateful for what I have now, being able to live in comfort. The security that we have compared to other countries.

I am deeply touched by your devotion to Mrs Lee as well. And I truly respect and admire her too because I believe since you have given up your ‘life’ (all) to Singapore, it surely means where time is considered, she has to ‘share’ with all of us, your precious time and attention. And she is yet your close friend and someone whom you look upon to for advice and discussion in terms of ‘work’ at the same time. She played a very important role in your life, being the woman behind you, Mr Lee, a great man.

So thank you, Mrs Lee.

Thank you, Mr Lee. Thank you for giving your all for Singapore. Thank you for loving Singapore this much. You will be very much missed and remembered, and will live in our hearts forever.

Here, with much pride, I am able to say, I am really proud to be a Singaporean. And I really appreciate and respect what you have done for Singapore.

It is a big loss for us Singaporeans on your departure, and we are all sad that you will not be able to join us for this year’s SG50 national day celebration, but I am happy and glad that you are able to reunite with Mrs Lee and that the deep hole in your heart can be mended.

I believe Singapore will keep progressing, with all of us playing our own parts well.

Bless you and your family, and also my utmost respect to Mr Lee Hsien Loong, who has been very strong having to grieve over the loss of his father, and yet still play his role well as our national leader. It is already very tough having to grieve over the loss of someone so dear to you, but he has really been juggling very well in both ways.

Finally, for one last time, thank you Mr Lee.
There. (I really want to keep this for memorance sake and of course, as a sign of respect.)

And yes, it’s weird (yet ‘amazing’) how many whom like me, do not actually know Mr Lee in person but still feel that sadness/loss in our hearts… It simply means he has somehow touched our hearts, in one way or another. And for one man, to touch this many hearts, it only shows how great a man he is.

How many great men do you ‘encounter’ in a lifetime? We did. I did. We are all lucky that we have such an efficient and ‘loving’ leader whom along with his team, built Singapore to what she is today. Many others actually envy us for having such a truly intelligent and passionate leader, how we’ve progressed and are doing so well (as a nation), and it is obvious how he loved Singapore deeply, caring for her all along.

All his life, for Singapore, for us.

So, again, for the very last time,


You will be missed.