Doing Things Single-Handedly (One Arm)

Yep, when you turn a Mom, you learn (tend) to do things/tasks (most of the time) with one hand (arm).

Here are some examples:
• Going to loo (here I mean unbuttoning, zipping, pulling up/down your pants and panty + cleaning)
• Pushing the stroller
• Carrying bags (non-shoulder style)
• Washing food/fruit/utensils (rinsing with water only)
• Filling up water (in cup from water dispenser) to drink
• Preparing her bath (washing (rinsing with water) her bath items eg bathtub, small + big basin, bath toys etc)
• (Thinking back~) Washing her bum (includes cleansing with wet cotton balls, changing her napkin, putting medicine cream+powder/nappy rash cream etc) whilst I am cradling her. (We used to have the sore bum crisis then and so cleansing her bum was really time crucial if she dirtied her nappy.)

I think I have yet ‘gained’ another level (leveled up) in my motherhood journey. *lol. (Pardon me but I tend to relate my motherhood experiences/achievements/challenges as leveling up (like when you play a game) which I gain pure satisfaction and pride from my actual motherhood journey (real life game with no retries). ^.^)