Her Little Adorable Act (2 Jul 2014)


That’s how I’m looking right now as I think about it. ^_^

Earlier today, at about 1pm when we woke up (yes, she is a night bird and wakes up late), I was milking her as usual, and then after she “pulled out”, she was looking/observing at her ‘tap’ and then out of nowhere (suddenly), she grabbed a piece of tissue paper (from the tissue box just right nearby us) and ‘cleaned’ her tap with it. LOL!!!

I somehow already guessed that she thought she might have seen something ‘dirty’ (she loves to use her finger(s) to touch and pick up the little ‘dirty’ stuffs lying around in the house) upon seeing her ‘look’, so I did take the initiative to explain to her (seeing her “What’s that thing over there?” look) that it is just Mommy’s mole (or pigmentation) (well, Mommy may be wrong)… But she already (quickly) grabbed the tissue and dabbed her tap with it.

I thought this little action of hers is just WAYYYYY TOOOO CUUTTEEE!!!!!!! *HUGZ HUGZ HUGZ HUGZ HUGZ!!!! (Pardon me for all these, I’m just so in love with my daughter. *hee)

Made me laugh so hard… 😝

On a side note, I’m glad I made the decision to continue breastfeeding (extended breastfeeding that’s what they call it)… Because I love admiring her (just looking at her face, seeing her features) from my view, and when she looks back to me too, those moments are simply just, AMAZING. It’s really a precious bond that we share, just the two of us. And Mommy treasures it very, very much. So apart from the pros of breastfeeding (such as convenience not having to wash and sterilize the bottles, preparing the milk etc), why not continue with it? I am lucky to have the milk (though I admit I do wonder/worry at times if there is enough milk, since I have no idea at all (up till now) how much she is actually drinking) and the chance to direct latch as and when (since I’m a SAHM) compared to many others who are facing some problems/obstacles being able to breastfeed. So yes, I am so going to stick to my decision to breastfeed till she is at least 2 years old (despite the cons too). After that? We’ll see how it goes… Who knows I may… Well, haha.

I once read that there is a reason why a woman’s breasts is located at where they are, simply because they can have the ‘perfect’ view of looking at the faces of their little one(s) during the milking process. And I thought, how true that is! 😊

And now that she is a toddler (who can run about all around the house vs. just lying/sitting/crawling about in short distances on the bed), I’m amazed at all the postures/patterns of how she drinks her milk. Really, 360 degrees, all sorts of ‘stunts’ (I call it). And it’s really fun, in a way. *hehe

Loving you, V.

And here’s a pic of her pretty recently.

Hugging her ‘favorite’ Minnie Mouse toy