Her Birthmarks

I decided I should log down all her visible birthmarks. Since (I don’t know if) in the future they may disappear/change for all you know?

1. Brownish ‘stains’ on right eye white (inner, just next to the eye black)
We had seen an eye specialist on this, and when the doctor did the check (was totally heartbreaking for me because Venice’s eye was like ‘forced’ to open, and she was crying way bad, like totally freaked out), she said it is pigmentation which is unfortunately permanent (something like birthmark) but did not seem to affect her eyesight (which is the good news). (Also it’s not too obvious now as not many people have noticed (by themselves) except the Mommy and Eileen. I’m not sure how it will be when she grows bigger though.) I certainly hope her eyesight will not be affected in any way, and the birthmark does not grow any ‘bigger’/darker or whatsoever. Hopefully it may lighten or disappear in time? πŸ™‚ I’ll pray for her.

2. ‘Blood’ birthmark on her left thigh (back)
It’s called the ‘blood’ birthmark because it’s red in color (so unique right?). It’s really special in that sense because it looks like the shape of a reindeer’s head, with the 2 antlers. It has seem to grown bigger overtime though, both in size and ‘bulginess’. It is more ‘obvious’ to touch as we happen to be touching that area of her thigh. We have highlighted it to our pd during her 1 year old jab and so she had measured it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get any bigger and that it’s harmless.

There’s the red birthmark. Can’t really see the ‘reindeer’ as it’s from quite a distance.

3. Brownish spot/birthmark on her back, just right in the middle – It isn’t a very big birthmark, but both Daddy and Mommy have noticed it (since we are the ones who bathe her hence always undressing her). I’ll estimate it’s probably around 1cm (in width) max?

4. Blue-blackish birthmark on her right ankle – It’s pretty noticeable if you look at her ankle area. Not sure if it’ll go away/lighten in future though…

5. Dimples! – Yes! She has dimples! Woohoo! πŸ˜€ (LOL. Dimples aren’t really the birthmark kind of birthmarks that you may be thinking but still, it’s a “birth mark” right? :P) Both Daddy and Mommy don’t have it, but she has them. And both sides, just that her left is more obvious. πŸ™‚

[Added on 18 April, Friday]
6. Blue-blackish birthmark on her back, at her left shoulder – Didn’t really notice this one until very recently (16 April, Wednesday I think, to be exact).

[Added on 26 April, Saturday]
7. Blue-blackish birthmark on her bum – Didn’t really take notice of this one too until very recently. Thought I should document this one down too because it’s actually quite noticeable (prominent in size). I wonder if it will disappear when she grows bigger…?

That’s pretty much about it! Quite a lot of birth marks if you were to ask me… But that’s what makes my baby girl special. *heh <3s

Signing OUT.