Venice is 2! (25 months old to be exact) :D

Hey yo!!! My baby’s TWOOO years old! OMG OMG how time flies!!!

She turned 2 in January 2015, and well, her birthday celebration wasn’t as ‘elaborate’ as last year’s (oops) but the fact was, she wasn’t even really that interested in the ‘celebrations’ in that sense. Eg. Singing of the birthday song, cake cutting etc. She just couldn’t really stay still there and we really thought that she would be more ‘excited’ about her cakes, especially the customized Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck one… *bah

At Po Po’s house (1st celebration):

There you go… Looking uninterested (and tired even!).

Trying to get her to be ‘excited’.

More ‘interested’ playing in the room. Couldn’t really get a decent shot of her and Po Po (despite this is still a nice candid shot :)).

Home sweet home (2nd celebration):

Fancied the idea of holding the knife.

Was more interested in the balloons.

Was Chor Chor’s actual birthday! She just couldn’t stay still there, AT ALL. LOL.

Her squirming away action.

Actual day:

And we brought her to the airport! (Intention was to let her play at the kids playground like last year, but ended up she was not interested at all.)

Played at the ‘free’ playground instead. (Also good, help Mommy and Daddy save money. Hahaha.)

Enjoying the water fountain show.

That’s it for her birthday. 🙂

For now, she pretty much just recovered from her stomach flu (no more vomitting/ diarrhea or that sort, her appetite is sort of back but still not back to her usual ‘usual’ (in terms of quantity), and she seems to be having a very bloated tummy (seems to be having a lot of discomfort – fart is super smelly and well, she hasn’t poo-ed for like, 5 days?! 😱😥 – lucky she did today, earlier in the night)). In fact, the whole family (we) actually got ‘it’ (stomach flu).

Her uncle (my brother, her Gu Gu) got it first on Monday, 23 Feb, then she got it (started vomitting) early morning around 5+am on Wednesday, 25 Feb (really all of a sudden, out of nowhere – because she was still happily shopping (late night grocery shopping on Tuesday, 24 Feb)). And man, it was really ‘painful’ (to see her suffering). She was really vomitting throughout the night till morning around 9+am at the clinic until she was sooo tired and worn out. Each time before she vomitted, I could literally hear her tummy churn out loud like a washing machine’s before she innocently (and blurly) got forced to puke all her food out, and when all her dinner and fruit were out, she even continued to throw up the acid juices from within. My poor, poor baby!

Then I GOT IT. On Friday, 27 Feb, also around 5+am, where I woke up and started feeling nausea (‘funny’). And then the vomitting and diarrhea came, together… It was ‘unbearable’, I totally didn’t know what I should do, as in, stay crouched, or sit up straight, or simply just lie down on the floor (if I could, but I was in the toilet and there were action going on so I couldn’t). It was that sucky. So I could totally imagine how worse it would be for my girl. 😦

And well, her Daddy got it too, on the very same day, but sometime starting from afternoon. Diarrhea.

Not to mention, our fevers too…

Sadly, Wai Gong (her grandpa) also caught it in the end! Thankfully, the vicious virus kind of ended with him…

Mak Mak (her grandma) also had diarrhea (on Wednesday, 25 Feb) but according to her, it was due to food poisoning.

So everyone in the house got sick, except Chor Chor (her great grandma), and SOOO THANKFUL for that, because it would really be very awful/ tough for her if she really ‘caught’ it due to her age and also her back pain and inconvenience in movement.

Venice suffered for a whole 3 days, while Mommy and Daddy for 1. We are fine now but she seemingly was still having some sort of discomfort (in terms of tummy) but we are so, so glad she managed to eventually poo yesterday! We are hoping she quickly gets well (fully recovered and recharged and back to her chirpy and energetic self).

Stomach flu. Really a nightmare. And it’s airborne (according to a friend). Super contagious, according to the pd. And yes, how true… 😞

Please, this once is enough… Haha. 😅

Now it’s 2.30am and she’s not sleeping yet (well, kind of back to her usual ‘self’/ routine versus when she was sick and so lethargic, sleeping most of the time, and unusually quiet).

Shall update again! 😋


Oops~ (Backlog since Oct 2014)

Note: Was supposed to upload this sometime in October (last year!), but somehow didn’t get the ‘chance’ to (properly complete with the editing and then pressing ‘Post’)… So now I’m at ‘this’ again, doing the ‘touch-up’ (contents pretty much remain the same) to FINALLY get this UP.

(I personally think it’d be a ‘waste’ to just delete away this post. (Because every post is just too precious!!! Hahaha! Now that I don’t really have much time! :P))


It’s been about 3 months since the last post (in July). (Well, deleting the WordPress app in my iPhone certainly doesn’t help in me getting on to write a new post. Kind of forgotten about this blog! *oops)

Well, I’ve been pretty busy looking after the little one. 🙂 (Well, not to mention the ‘free’ times while I play with the phone/ use the computer/ Macbook e.g. do some ‘researching’ (crazy Mama’s googling), facebooking, photos uploading etc…)

Much has happened…

My birthday… We went for a staycation…

My mum’s (her grandma aka Mak Mak’s) birthday…

And most recent… Her daddy’s birthday where he took a week’s leave.

And as for me (mentally), I’ve really been battling hard with myself and hence am feeling kind of worn out in that sense…

But otherwise, all’s good. My little angel is growing well, happy and active (and she has such a fiery temper (-.-)”). Now that she is able to walk (/ run) and understand what we are saying, as well as express her thoughts/ emotions much better (than versus she was a baby), I’d have to say this is really a very fun stage (minus the stubbornness etc (probably what they refer to as “Terrible Two”)). She does many things that really makes us laugh (so cute/ funny/ adorable) and wonder where/ how she actually learnt to do all that (especially the funny funny things/ actions that she sort of self invents). Speech-wise she is still not really willing to talk much except certain words that she may say out if she is in the mood or when being prompted e.g. “nut”, “Daddy” (pronounced as “dare-dee”), “moo”, “round” (pronounced as “rarh”) etc. Her recent favorite word for ‘everything’, “men-neh”. And that includes the Mommy, and milk milk as well.

I decided that the header picture SHOULD be updated since she’s now 21 months old and the old picture was taken when she was still a baby? – Yep, this current one with us (Mommy & Venice) ‘riding’ the ‘horse’ is the ‘new’ one. 🙂

Well, as much as I would like to update more… I think I am nearing the ‘danger’ timing where she is going to wake up and ask for milk (upon finding out I’m not sleeping right beside her – am using the computer just outside our room).

Will update another time! 🙂

So long, folks! 😉 – FYI: She DID cry for me during ‘then’. (Talk about a Mommy’s strong ‘sense’.)

P.S: Some pictures taken:

• during our staycation at Wanderlust (my birthday celebration in Aug 2014).

• on Daddy’s birthday where we went to Trick Eye Museum with her Po Po (paternal grandma) in Oct 2014.