Teething Woes (18 Months Old)

My poor girl.

She now has 14-16 teeth I think. (Just before yesterday I kind of concluded that she had 11.)

Spotted all her incisors cut through her gums. OUCH. No wonder she’s been quite fussy and whiney lately. Crying (for no particular reason) very easily. And at times, seemingly ‘complaining’ (baby “ah-wah-wah-wah” talk) with a very sad and helpless look.

All because of the pain! 😦

Mommy wish I could help ease your pain but unfortunately I can’t really help much.

Let’s hope the pain goes away quickly and on the bright side, when your teeth are all out, you’ll be able to eat MORE stuffs! Hooray! So 加油 for now, k?

Here’s a super recent pic of her just taken yesterday, showing lotsa teeth in her mouth!



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