Why Can’t Nursing Moms Just Cover?

A question that probably many has (though I’m not sure if in Singapore it applies since most Moms don’t really nurse in public due to our culture here)…

And yes, how I totally agree with this Mom!


Personally, I know for sure my lil’ rascal would definitely reject the nursing cover.

1) “What the…?” – She’ll probably be wondering what and why with this cover, and may think I’m playing peek-a-boo or something. Or if she truly wants a nap, I guess she wouldn’t like the idea of being ‘hidden’.

2) The Heat – I think babies/toddlers have a higher temperature than us adults (at least mine has), and my lil’ darling gets hot pretty easily (and always sweats at her head so covering her head with a cover in such a SUNNY SINGAPORE is definitely not the best idea! She’s already sweating even in air-con at times, not to mention, to cover her up!

3) Playful/Active Milktime – Since young (when she was still an infant), she has always been very playful, curious and active during milktime. She would (and still do) always unlatch and peek about, get distracted, play around etc. And now she even milks with all kinds of patterns/postures (talk about the fun having a toddler milking :D), climbing all over me even in the most “not feasible” places eg in the car. So covering her up… She will just pull away the nursing cover. No point having a cover that doesn’t cover, right? All along (I know) she isn’t a baby that would let me “cover her up” (though I know some babies/kids do quietly drink their milk despite a cover).

4) Bond-less Session? – The whole point of breastfeeding, I feel, is also the precious bond between the Mommy and baby. So when you cover up the baby… And you can’t see his/her precious little face, and vice versa, what’s the point? (Yes yes, maybe the nursing cover is only used in public, not all times… But still…) I always think that if I’m the baby, I’ll just be smelling Mama’s breast/smell but all around it’s just dark and I can’t see Mama… Which is kind of sad, I imagine…

Not that I would nurse in public (I don’t dare to do so because in Singapore, people are still not so liberal), not to mention, the chances of ‘exposure’ is super high for my case (with my girl *lol), but I’d nurse in the car now (which she definitely always requests for once we are in the car) (we got those blinds to attach to on the back windows :)), or otherwise find a nursing room to do so.

Now that she’s ‘bigger’ and she eats solids (hence her milktimes aren’t as frequent as when she was younger), the routine is I would usually be milking her “along the way” (in the car) to our destination/back home.

And I simply just love the milking sessions with her! (Glad I persisted milking her even after a year…)

Kudos to all Mommies (despite whether or not you’re breastfeeding or giving formula)! 🙂 We all just want the best for our child/children.


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