Teething Woes (18 Months Old)

My poor girl.

She now has 14-16 teeth I think. (Just before yesterday I kind of concluded that she had 11.)

Spotted all her incisors cut through her gums. OUCH. No wonder she’s been quite fussy and whiney lately. Crying (for no particular reason) very easily. And at times, seemingly ‘complaining’ (baby “ah-wah-wah-wah” talk) with a very sad and helpless look.

All because of the pain! 😦

Mommy wish I could help ease your pain but unfortunately I can’t really help much.

Let’s hope the pain goes away quickly and on the bright side, when your teeth are all out, you’ll be able to eat MORE stuffs! Hooray! So 加油 for now, k?

Here’s a super recent pic of her just taken yesterday, showing lotsa teeth in her mouth!



No point bothering to explain how tiring it’s like to be a SAHM.

How true!

Have a read at what she shares:
The Stay-at-Home Mom Conspiracy Theory

She totally nailed it! People who aren’t SAHMs have NO IDEA. Most of the time, in their minds they have a much better painted picture, and tend to be unaware of the many little nitty gritty details/tasks a SAHM has to do.

They would think stuffs like, “So nice! You can sleep until so late! Rest and play (watch TV etc) with your baby/kid at home.”. YAH… (You seriously have no idea… *lol)

I do know what it’s like to be at work, though not everyONE’s work life/job is the same, but then, I do have experienced the busy deadlines, long meetings, political emails, political wars happening around in the office, OTs, waking up early, no time for lunch, stress etc. And yes, it is tiring. But I can only say, it is very much different from a SAHM’s.

And in fact, I guess my hubby STILL does not really ‘grasp’ how tired I can get. And yes, he will always say the ‘sleep’ point as his main reason somewhat to ‘prove’ that he should be more tired (in that sense – being much more sleep deprived than me).

Yes, I do sleep more than him… With my daughter’s current sleeping habits, she wakes up late (around 10am to 12pm range usually) BUT sleeps extremely late too (around 11.30pm to 2am). But yeah, YOU know… 🙂

We used to argue much over this ‘tired’ issue but now I’m trying to take it more easy since it is evident that men and women work differently… And he seems to be more ‘understanding’ as there are times he will express his ’empathy’ (*HAHA) towards me.

And he is the sole breadwinner (I guess I’m not experiencing that kind of ‘responsibility’ and stress being the only one trying to support the family), while I get to really bond more with our precious angel. So I am thankful. I really am. Thank you, hubby (even though you aren’t reading this :D). Thank you taking up the FULL responsibility of bringing the beacon home and letting me enjoy my motherhood fully.

Time for some photos!

Recent selfie photo of us, and a super happy one (Daddy & Mommy couldn’t stop laughing seeing the pretty much unbothered/unaffected/clueless sweetie pie in the screen)

Selfie taken just last Sunday, where we brought her to the new Punggol End for a short evening walk before heading done to 婆婆’s house

Signing out.


Why Can’t Nursing Moms Just Cover?

A question that probably many has (though I’m not sure if in Singapore it applies since most Moms don’t really nurse in public due to our culture here)…

And yes, how I totally agree with this Mom!


Personally, I know for sure my lil’ rascal would definitely reject the nursing cover.

1) “What the…?” – She’ll probably be wondering what and why with this cover, and may think I’m playing peek-a-boo or something. Or if she truly wants a nap, I guess she wouldn’t like the idea of being ‘hidden’.

2) The Heat – I think babies/toddlers have a higher temperature than us adults (at least mine has), and my lil’ darling gets hot pretty easily (and always sweats at her head so covering her head with a cover in such a SUNNY SINGAPORE is definitely not the best idea! She’s already sweating even in air-con at times, not to mention, to cover her up!

3) Playful/Active Milktime – Since young (when she was still an infant), she has always been very playful, curious and active during milktime. She would (and still do) always unlatch and peek about, get distracted, play around etc. And now she even milks with all kinds of patterns/postures (talk about the fun having a toddler milking :D), climbing all over me even in the most “not feasible” places eg in the car. So covering her up… She will just pull away the nursing cover. No point having a cover that doesn’t cover, right? All along (I know) she isn’t a baby that would let me “cover her up” (though I know some babies/kids do quietly drink their milk despite a cover).

4) Bond-less Session? – The whole point of breastfeeding, I feel, is also the precious bond between the Mommy and baby. So when you cover up the baby… And you can’t see his/her precious little face, and vice versa, what’s the point? (Yes yes, maybe the nursing cover is only used in public, not all times… But still…) I always think that if I’m the baby, I’ll just be smelling Mama’s breast/smell but all around it’s just dark and I can’t see Mama… Which is kind of sad, I imagine…

Not that I would nurse in public (I don’t dare to do so because in Singapore, people are still not so liberal), not to mention, the chances of ‘exposure’ is super high for my case (with my girl *lol), but I’d nurse in the car now (which she definitely always requests for once we are in the car) (we got those blinds to attach to on the back windows :)), or otherwise find a nursing room to do so.

Now that she’s ‘bigger’ and she eats solids (hence her milktimes aren’t as frequent as when she was younger), the routine is I would usually be milking her “along the way” (in the car) to our destination/back home.

And I simply just love the milking sessions with her! (Glad I persisted milking her even after a year…)

Kudos to all Mommies (despite whether or not you’re breastfeeding or giving formula)! 🙂 We all just want the best for our child/children.


Her Little Adorable Act (2 Jul 2014)


That’s how I’m looking right now as I think about it. ^_^

Earlier today, at about 1pm when we woke up (yes, she is a night bird and wakes up late), I was milking her as usual, and then after she “pulled out”, she was looking/observing at her ‘tap’ and then out of nowhere (suddenly), she grabbed a piece of tissue paper (from the tissue box just right nearby us) and ‘cleaned’ her tap with it. LOL!!!

I somehow already guessed that she thought she might have seen something ‘dirty’ (she loves to use her finger(s) to touch and pick up the little ‘dirty’ stuffs lying around in the house) upon seeing her ‘look’, so I did take the initiative to explain to her (seeing her “What’s that thing over there?” look) that it is just Mommy’s mole (or pigmentation) (well, Mommy may be wrong)… But she already (quickly) grabbed the tissue and dabbed her tap with it.

I thought this little action of hers is just WAYYYYY TOOOO CUUTTEEE!!!!!!! *HUGZ HUGZ HUGZ HUGZ HUGZ!!!! (Pardon me for all these, I’m just so in love with my daughter. *hee)

Made me laugh so hard… 😝

On a side note, I’m glad I made the decision to continue breastfeeding (extended breastfeeding that’s what they call it)… Because I love admiring her (just looking at her face, seeing her features) from my view, and when she looks back to me too, those moments are simply just, AMAZING. It’s really a precious bond that we share, just the two of us. And Mommy treasures it very, very much. So apart from the pros of breastfeeding (such as convenience not having to wash and sterilize the bottles, preparing the milk etc), why not continue with it? I am lucky to have the milk (though I admit I do wonder/worry at times if there is enough milk, since I have no idea at all (up till now) how much she is actually drinking) and the chance to direct latch as and when (since I’m a SAHM) compared to many others who are facing some problems/obstacles being able to breastfeed. So yes, I am so going to stick to my decision to breastfeed till she is at least 2 years old (despite the cons too). After that? We’ll see how it goes… Who knows I may… Well, haha.

I once read that there is a reason why a woman’s breasts is located at where they are, simply because they can have the ‘perfect’ view of looking at the faces of their little one(s) during the milking process. And I thought, how true that is! 😊

And now that she is a toddler (who can run about all around the house vs. just lying/sitting/crawling about in short distances on the bed), I’m amazed at all the postures/patterns of how she drinks her milk. Really, 360 degrees, all sorts of ‘stunts’ (I call it). And it’s really fun, in a way. *hehe

Loving you, V.

And here’s a pic of her pretty recently.

Hugging her ‘favorite’ Minnie Mouse toy