It’s GREAT being a MOM.

Despite the times I can’t have my meal peacefully without her crying and fussing for me.

Despite I STILL have to carry her in some way or another even though my arms/ shoulder/ back are aching so bad (in the car supporting her/ baby carrier/ arms).

Despite she does really test my patience at times and I can’t help but feel physically and mentally tired during those moments.

Despite the times I just have to bring her into the loo together simply because I seriously need to settle the “big job”.

Despite I don’t have much time for myself because I have to attend to her most of the time.

Despite many things, the pro moments/ things win hands down.

Her smile. Her love. Her affection. Her clinginess. Her innocence. Her actions. Her touch. Her look.

The private breastfeeding moments we share…

The way she runs over to me with a wide smile/ grin on her face…

The times where she just kisses/ hugs me without me asking to do so…

How she wants me to sing for her and dances along to my tune…

How she clings on to me when she simply just wants nothing else but me…

How she always looks at me for affirmation…

So much, so much, just too much to list them all (reasons) (one by one)…

I love her, so much. I am enjoying this (motherhood journey), so much. I actually look forward to all these again in time to come (another younger sibling for her if possible). 🙂

No doubt there are those times that I do envy those who are still single, attached or even married but without kids yet, who get to do wanderlust stuffs, do their hobbies, travel at their own pace/ itinerary etc… Well, let’s just say, I’m still loving my (totally different and ‘exciting’) life now. 😀 Which is FULL OF LOVE ya~ ^_^

And well, to all mommies, mothers, moms or whatever you prefer to be called, Happy Mother’s Day!!! All of us deserve a big pat on the shoulder… ❤


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