My baby is 14 months old! – 14.03.2014 (Friday)

The Mommy had actually, completely, forgotten ALL ABOUT IT!!!! AHHHH!!! *guilty

It was only when the Daddy watsapp-ed about it on the very same day (in the night) that I actually realized. 😦 (But I managed to upload her 14-month-old picture in Facebook before her 14-month-old-day was over. *yay)

Taken (obviously) during her bathtime 😀

So far:
• she is still a total breastfeeding baby (fully latch-on). And yes, despite the regular routine of having to wake up every few hours (even throughout the late night), and the pain in my cracked nipples that I had gone through, I must say I really love and appreciate the bond that breastfeeding has given to us. The fact that we are so close is hugely all thanks to breastfeeding (latching). I know I’ve hit my initial target of breastfeeding for at least a year but now I’m actually hoping (intending to extend) till 2? Or at least 18 months perhaps. I am enjoying this process and private intimate moment of ours too much. 🙂

• she has 7 teeth (unless any new one(s) has/have cut through again and I haven’t ‘discovered’ yet). 3 on top, 4 below.

• her last weight taken (sometime about a month ago) was 8.4kg

• she eats 2 meals (lunch and dinner) and ideally at least one serving of fruit. Usually whilst I am cooking her lunch, we will also feed her some egg/bread as her so-called breakfast. If timing allows, and she is ‘cooperative’ in that sense (eats her food), two servings of fruit would be most ideal.

Breakfast: Egg (usually half/one third or even less)/bread (recently I’ve switched to giving wholemeal bread)

Lunch: Fish porridge with pumpkin and spinach (otherwise brown rice at times if she poo-ed the day before)

Dessert (afternoon/night): Cherries/Banana/Orange usually (otherwise plum, grapes etc)

Dinner: Potato with broccoli and carrot (I try to add chicken/pork wherever possible and occasionally a little tomato)

• she is still learning to walk. But honestly, she can now walk by herself for about 10-20+ steps IF she just walks slowly. Otherwise, she also attempts to ‘run’ (in BIG steps) very quickly with support (us holding on to her hand), so I think by another 2 weeks (maximum), she’ll be able to walk already… At the rate (of ‘training’) she’s going everyday. But we actually still watch her (be right behind her) closely to catch her in case she falls especially backwards where she tends to knock her head (still quite wobbly/’drunken’ style at times *haha). She is the “no fear” kind. 🙂 Standing without support she can manage for quite a while already… *whee
Let her try walking at 313 where the floor is carpeted (her first time)

• she recognizes people and objects now. Familiar people like us (her family), she is able to point out (otherwise do the “not around” hands/arms action), and she can even point to her own self when we ask her the following: Venice, Ruoxin, me (referring to her), little rascal, pretty girl. She is also able to point out objects/items like calendar, fan, apple, orange, banana, socks, baby, tv, cartoon etc. She knows all her soft toys’ names (even the cartoon characters!) and can also point out correctly certain items on the wall charts/books. She ‘knows’ where is her “milk milk” so when we ask her, she will point at my, well, breasts. *hee
All excited when we first got her (put up) the wall charts

• she loves kissing me (mouth-to-mouth and ‘wet’ somemore!) and always sayangs (hugs) us (especially me and her Mak Mak)
Loves to ‘rest’ on my (our) chest – such a sweet girl! Mommy loves you!!! ❤

• she always ‘snatches’ my cup from me to drink water from it, then push back to me so I can drink, and then grab the cup away from me again. It goes on until I quickly finish the water. And usually by then she would have ‘leaked’ the water all over herself (usually thigh). And then she’ll go touching the water with her fingers… (How cute!!! :P)

• she loves making the “Ahh” sound after sipping her water, or just simply, upon seeing us drink water/liquids

• she knows how to throw tantrum (by leaning backwards) whenever you don’t let her have her way. Or if I (we) tell her to open up her hand and ”打打” (means “beat beat” in Chinese), she will also whine/fuss about in denial.

• she ‘talks’ a lot. ‘Words’ such as “maa”, “baa”, “daa”, “ahh” (usually), we will always hear from her. She tends to sing along saying “baa” whenever we sing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” to her. Nowadays, we’re hearing a lot of “maa”s too, especially when she ‘wants’ me. ❤

• she is always pointing about whenever she requests/wants that particular item/object
Pointing to ‘something’ at our shelf facing our bed

• recently she likes to open her mouth wide (giving an astonished look) whenever we (I) flash her that look too (look shocked/surprised too)
Mouth wide open looking astonished here when I just gasp and open my mouth wide too

• she actually “fake laughs” making the “kek-kek-kek” sound

• she loves reading books/magazines (looking at the pictures), or perhaps the flipping of the page action
Reading her Dinosaur Colors book

• unfortunately she is still very afraid of her (paternal) grandpa. Still cries the moment she sees him come home (come in through the door). If he stops and talks/looks/tries to interact with her, it’s worse. Her tears will just keep flowing non-stop. *gee

Well honestly, I could just go on and on and on… But I think I’ll stop here. (I actually started this post a day after her 14-month-old day, and it’s only up till now that I’m able to touch up this post and get it like, published.

Stay happy, healthy, cheeky, sweet, loving and bubbly! ALL OF US LOVE YOU, SWEETIE. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


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