Amazing 1st Year It Has Been

And 2nd year in progress… *big smile

Sure, it (1st year) had its fair bit of downs too, but she, just makes everything worthwhile…

I must say, she has grown (and changed) a lot. From a tiny and dark looking 2.66kg, to a tall and fair 8.4kg now, she looks quite different already. Here I am not really referring to the super chubby cheeks or baby fats that have somehow ‘disappeared’ along the way, neither am I referring to how big and tall she has become, but rather more on her look (face).

There are babies who kind of “look the same” all the way (with that I mean, you can easily tell that that’s them), and we Chinese usually will say, “(他/她的样子)跑不掉的。” . It’s the same with adults, there will be people whom you go, “Oh! That’s him/her? Cannot recognize!”, vs those where we go, “That’s him/her alright! His/her look never changed at all!”, when we happen to look through their childhood/past photos.

So for Venice, I (we) feel she has changed quite a fair bit ever since she was born. From the not-so-pretty (I have to admit) and ‘boyish’ looking (face) newborn, to a fine sweet toddler she is now. 🙂 When she was younger, probably there will be people who mistake her as a boy… Now, maybe not so (though her outfit also helps ‘announce’ she is a girl), but I must say she doesn’t have that 100% pretty girl look. With that I mean, you know there are some baby girls who look totally “like a girl”, it’s like you can easily recognize through the face that she’s a girl because her look is 100% ‘girly’. But for Venice she has that bit of boyish look in her even though she is pretty (like our friend tells us that because she also looks like a boy, we’ll have a boy for our next child – not that I fancy him saying that (looking like a boy) about Venice though *lol).

She probably follows after me, looking different from last time (as a baby/child), and having that bit of ‘masculine’ look in the face. I must say she really looks like me (as a baby/toddler), it’s like I see ‘myself’ in her, and that feeling is simply, amazing. Though many people say she looks like her dad (in my opinion it’s mainly because THEY BOTH LOOK CHUBBY (*rolls eyes)), there is still the minority that says she looks like me (especially my mum who feels she is exactly like how I was when I was this young, and I couldn’t agree more). 🙂 So I figured she’ll probably look more like me (now) when she grows up? Am curious to see how she will look like when she grows bigger… *heh

But as of now, she has her peach-shaped face (her face isn’t as round as it used to be) which I love… Her teardrop-shaped eyes are bigger compared to last time (and I insist to the hubby that her eyes (especially towards the outward sides/ends) will probably continue to become bigger a little more along the way because her lashes there are actually curled upwards instead of resting on beneath her eyes but he thinks I’m being ridiculous – only TIME WILL TELL~ *lol), and I find this shape really unique (pretty uncommon). Her pretty lips/mouth which is kinda small and slightly curled (she has very nice lips and please don’t get mistaken, it’s not just solely me who feels this way), pretty unique and pretty too. Her well-defined eyebrows (just like her Mommy’s! :P)! Her eyelashes are really long too (like mine too? *haha – someone’s really trying to take credit here)! Her nose seems to be ‘smaller’ than last time (especially when she was a newborn) though it can go sharper (will try to pinch her nose regularly (wherever possible) like how my mum used to do for me)… Her hair, soft and fine, and quite a lot, certainly grown much longer (with her fringe all covering her eyes now vs the astroboy hairstyle she had then). And she’s quite fair too (like her mom, again *hohoho). Well, okay, enough of the ‘praising’ and here’s a collage pic I did just recently as a comparison (reminiscing).

Left: Newborn, Right: 13+ mths old

Her eyes are closed in this picture, so you probably can’t really tell on the eyes part. Here are 2 pics (newborn + recent) with her eyes opened.

Coming to a month old, taken during CNY last year

12+ mths old, taken on v-day

(Well… These 2 pics probably aren’t the BEST 2 to make comparison with… But hey…)

No matter what, she’s a darling in my (our) eyes despite her ‘nasty’ temper. She’s really a very playful and cheery girl (oh, and cheeky too!), and recently (since she’s learning to walk) super active (cannot keep still one – like a worm)… Anyway, I don’t think I’m able to describe exactly/fully how important she is in my life.

I (We) love you very much, Venice. Please continue to stay healthy and bubbly, Mommy’s little rascal! ❤


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